A fabulous body polish with essential oils

Body Polish

Olverum Body Polish

I was immediately impressed with this body polish. The glass tub has a luxurious feel and I was surprised at how much was inside. It is thick and creamy and has an enticing aroma of essential oils, namely bergamot, lavendin, geranium, grapefruit and fennel. It reminded me of the scents that surround you when being in a spa. I loved that the grains are “gritty”; I felt they were going to get to work and give me a great result – and it did not disappoint.

How does it work?

You are supposed to apply to damp skin and leave for a couple of minutes and on my first use, I did forget but it didn’t seem to matter as I was left with super soft skin. The reason you need to wait is down to the unique dual action of this mousse-like exfoliator. Made with natural papaya extract, clay, bamboo and pumice, the papaya enzymes need a couple of minutes to activate and soften dead skin and then the clay will do a deep cleanse to eliminate impurities. Bamboo and pumice then polish the skin as you massage it in, leaving it silky soft.

The aromatherapy oils boost skin’s elasticity and leave it supple and glowing. I liked that not only did I have gorgeously soft, scented skin, there was a very slight sheen to it from the oils too.

This would make a lovely gift due to the luxurious look and feel but also because the end result is so good.

£38, for 200ml, spacenk.com

[unpaid sample]

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