A fantastic idea – comforting, relaxing and a must-have for anyone who suffers from lack of sleep and stress

Luna Eyes Self-Heating Sleep Mask
Sensory Retreats

I had this self-heating sleep mask for a while before I came upon the perfect time to test it out. I hadn’t slept well for a few days, my eyes were tired, I had a headache and I felt like I needed a lie-down, and it wasn’t even midday! As I didn’t want to waste a Sunday feeling “meh”, trying out this mask was the perfect solution.

Each Luna Eyes Self-Heating Sleep Mask is designed to help you naturally drift off into a deeply relaxing slumber. The mask is lightly padded and perfectly blacks-out the room whilst fitting snugly across your face and eyes. It is light and comfortable and you can re-use it (although it won’t re-heat).. Within a minute you can feel the self-heating aspect start to work as the mask warms up. If you are someone who loves to snuggle up with a blanket or hot water bottle, you’ll love this self-heating sleep mask.

The sensory experience is not complete though – there is an infusion of relaxing and therapeutic lavender to enhance the senses. I will be honest – I can’t comment on the lavender scent as I was without a sense of smell at the time of testing the mask during lockdown (I’m sure you can guess why!) For a further sensory treat, you can also enjoy the free guided meditation.

What else?

Just 25 mins is enough to help you drift off to sleep or relax and unwind. Melt away stress, tension and eye strain or rebalance and calm the mind. The masks are available as a single mask or in a pack of 7. The pack of 7 gets you two FREE gifts; 85-minutes of Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music and an exclusive complimentary guided meditation track from Zen mindfulness teacher, Elizabeth Caroline.

An individual sleep mask is just £3.95 or buy the pack of 7 for £21, sensoryretreats.com

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